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OPEN EP release Party October 13 

The EP release party for "Open" will be Friday, October 13 at Aztec Brewing Company in Vista.  Marklyn Retzer Band will play a set including playing the songs from the EP in order. The band includes Michael Nieland on drums, Kyre Wilcox on bass, and Tristan Faulk-Webster on the keyboards. Special musical guests for the evening include Chris Swann, Anna Ballew, and Bearic playing some of their originals.

Fight the single available September 22 

Fight, the first single from the upcoming EP Open, will be available on all streaming platforms September 22. The entire EP will be available October 13. This is the link to pre-save Fight.

Shine Through 

A couple years ago I wrote and produced a song with Krista Richards for Schoemann Plastic Surgery to communicate their business message. They help their clients to look on the outside the way they feel on the inside, or as the song says to “let my self shine through.” The song had never been released publicly. I revisited it recently and was reminded that it’s got a great message in a bouncy, good-vibes package.

Shine Through is available on all the streaming platforms.

Direct link to Spotify below


Catch Marklyn on Music Makers San Diego Podcast 

I recently recorded a podcast episode for Music Makers San Diego where I had the privilege of playing 3 songs and talking about my history with music. I enjoyed digging in to my history of music and Gary Lee asked some great questions for me to reflect on the how and why of my music. I talk a bit about my process of writing and how I started playing guitar. It was fun, even though I felt like I was on the spot answering questions sometimes. It's available now wherever you find streaming podcasts including Apple Music and Spotify.

Here's the direct Spotify link


Make Everything Better 

Make Everything Better is now available wherever you stream music online, and also available for download from my Bandcamp page. The song comes from recognition of mistakes I've made in relationships and the desire to keep going through the struggle and make it better. For me, that always starts with making things better within myself and then reaching out to improve things with others. "I want to make it better." And, if we are making something better, why not make everything better while we're at it. Click on the song graphic above to go directly to the song in Spotify. 

The upside of Bandcamp for musicians is that, while you can download the song free of charge, it's also possible to add a tip when you download if you'd like to do that.

Everything's Going to Be Okay is available now. 

Everything's Going to Be Okay is now available for download and streaming wherever you find music online. 

This song feels good to me. I'm happy and satisfied to have worked with so many great musicians in this project. Alfred Howard is a songwriter's songwriter and I'm so happy to be doing this music with his words. Sara Rogo is an amazing human, brilliant guitarist, and has become a surfing buddy of mine. Having her slide guitar work on this brought the music up another level. Ben Moore on the Hammond B3 adds such cool textures to anything. I love his playing and working with him is always fun and easy. Martin Arretche contributed his production chops consulting on the final mix and doing the mastering of the song. He took something that I thought sounded good and made it sound better. That type of magic never ceases to surprise me. Click the image above to go directly to the song in Spotify.

Here's the link to Bandcamp where you can download directly. 

Marklyn on Indie Music Podcast 

In Episode 217 of the Indie Music Podcast, Doug and Matt interview Marklyn Retzer. Marklyn is an independent recording artist out of the San Diego area. He’s just released new music earlier this month and Doug and Matt talk to him about these songs and more upcoming releases. Marklyn will also share his writing process, inspirations, and a couple of songs, “Tutu”, a song inspired by joy, and “(I.A.I.O) We are San Diego” which is a song supporting the San Diego Loyal Soccer team. Also, as they close the interview, Doug and Matt will play an excerpt from Marklyn’s “Everything’s Going to Be OK.” which is yet to be released.

Here's the link to the podcast.

Tutu now available 

After getting stuck in the last year with everything going on, I wanted to connect with the joyful part of music. Tutu shines out with sparkly, optimistic, acoustic guitar based pop rock sprinkled with harmonies. It’s a playful reminder to dive in to the joy and bliss of living life, and shining light anywhere you choose.

This is the first single from a batch of music I'll be releasing every month or so. 

Tutu is now available everywhere you find music. Click the image above to go directly to the song on Spotify or follow this link.


We Are San Diego 

(I. A. I. O.) We Are San Diego is now available everywhere you find music. The song is my take on a stadium anthem, thinking about stuff that makes me want to get up and sing along. The 4 pillars of the club, Independent, Authentic, Inclusive, Optimistic were too rich to leave out and form the basis of the chant (IAIO). From the beginning this club has inspired me. We don't just have a team in San Diego now, we have a cool team with awesome character. Click the image above to go directly to the song on Spotify or follow this link.

Dandelion Tattoo is Out Now! 

The power of story, the experience of the moments that take us beyond ourselves, take our breath away and leave us finding our true selves. Marklyn Retzer, surfer, guitarist, school teacher, spent the last couple years gigging new material acoustically around San Diego choosing 5 tracks that resonated the most with listeners to record as the “Dandelion Tattoo” EP, working with highly-regarded San Diego producer Ben Moore. Acoustic guitar plays a prominent role in the songs and leaves room for the Hammond organ to add character with harmony vocals filling in texture. 

The songs on Dandelion Tattoo range from the uplifting and affirming, gospel tinged rock of Fly Free, to heart filling pop love songs like She Calls Me Love, to light hearted metaphorical reflections on love and loss in the Dandelion Tattoo. Along the way, lyrical allusions to stars, skies, water and winds, weave their way through a grooving blend of organic rock tones blended with vocal harmonies. 

San Diego Troubadour Magazine says Marklyn Retzer’s "music typically celebrates good times, surfing, and love without drifting too far into the lanes mapped out by Jack Johnson and Jason Mraz....The uplifting messages keep coming with [songs] about transcending this life to go higher-striving, going beyond, living free.... toward a cosmic hippie utopia trip, Or maybe just good time, beach songs to play by a campfire.”

Marklyn Retzer - acoustic and electric guitars, lead vocals 

Matt Lynott - drums 

Chris Swann - bass 

Lacy Younger - vocals 

Krista Richards - vocals 

Ben Moore - producer, engineer, Hammond organ