Dandelion Tattoo is Out Now!

The power of story, the experience of the moments that take us beyond ourselves, take our breath away and leave us finding our true selves. Marklyn Retzer, surfer, guitarist, school teacher, spent the last couple years gigging new material acoustically around San Diego choosing 5 tracks that resonated the most with listeners to record as the “Dandelion Tattoo” EP, working with highly-regarded San Diego producer Ben Moore. Acoustic guitar plays a prominent role in the songs and leaves room for the Hammond organ to add character with harmony vocals filling in texture. 

The songs on Dandelion Tattoo range from the uplifting and affirming, gospel tinged rock of Fly Free, to heart filling pop love songs like She Calls Me Love, to light hearted metaphorical reflections on love and loss in the Dandelion Tattoo. Along the way, lyrical allusions to stars, skies, water and winds, weave their way through a grooving blend of organic rock tones blended with vocal harmonies. 

San Diego Troubadour Magazine says Marklyn Retzer’s "music typically celebrates good times, surfing, and love without drifting too far into the lanes mapped out by Jack Johnson and Jason Mraz....The uplifting messages keep coming with [songs] about transcending this life to go higher-striving, going beyond, living free.... toward a cosmic hippie utopia trip, Or maybe just good time, beach songs to play by a campfire.”

Marklyn Retzer - acoustic and electric guitars, lead vocals 

Matt Lynott - drums 

Chris Swann - bass 

Lacy Younger - vocals 

Krista Richards - vocals 

Ben Moore - producer, engineer, Hammond organ

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